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Post  MoviesAreLife on 5/25/2013, 12:12 am

tanita_mors wrote:don't know about anne and drugs, but from what i red, ellen had 2 bad break ups for the same reason, just 2 sides. she got dumped by anne for her future husband, and then 3 years latter she and de rossi hocked up together at an awards show and broke up their respective long term relationships that they were in at the time basically the next day. that must have been one magical night, but given that it's been almost 9 years since then and they are going to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary this august, it's must have been an earth shattering experience. god know they both got massive amount of flack for it at the time from what i red (ellen was mocked for her midlife crisis and portia called a golddigger by both fans and press). how all that has changed. the media sure is fickle.

I remember that. Funny how now they are the darlings of the media when it comes to gay relationships.

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