The Chris Colfer Song- ssshhhh it's a secret.

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The Chris Colfer Song- ssshhhh it's a secret. Empty The Chris Colfer Song- ssshhhh it's a secret.

Post  moxiemells on 1/17/2013, 10:51 pm

[b]Calling all Chris Colfer fans! I wrote a song about the awesomeness that is Chris Colfer and I’m planning on making it a video. I’d like to have some of his fans singing along during certain parts of the song. So if you’re interested, please read the guidelines bellow.

1) The link for the music clip you are to sing can be found here:
Send a video of you singing along in AVI format. ( Windows movie maker or Videopad editor work great)

2) Make sure only your voice can be heard. Use an earbud or make sure the music is turned down low.

3) Only the best videos will be selected so be as CREATIVE and/or CUTE as possible! After all, we will be sending this to mister Colfer himself. (Please keep it a secret for now, I want it to be a surprise)

4) Try and make it Chris Colfer related.
EXAMPLE- Singing it behind a giant tower of Diet Coke cans.
Singing next to the Pinocchio statue at Disneyland.
Singing next to the Clovis City sign. (I’d really love this one!)

5) DEADLINE: Sunday Feb. 17, 2013

Send all video clips and/or Questions to

Can’t wait to hear from you guys. Good luck to all!

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