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Post  valkeakuulas on 7/15/2012, 6:40 pm

OK, here it goes. One small scene going into the Acceptance letter scene. I'll see how I feel about this one.

Summer of My Discontent

Kurt was sitting alone on a small ledge near the entrance to McKinley. Normally so busy courtyard was empty. Only few slowly wandering students passed in and out of the main doors, either to empty their lockers for the summer or registering for summer school classes. He was waiting for Finn and Rachel to arrive and complete their pack of opening their letters together. In his hands Kurt held a single envelope which he was now staring intently as if staring at it long would impact the result inside.

He already knew a lot was riding on this single white envelope and he was not anymore sure whether he wanted to open it in front of either Finn or Rachel. He even thought he might have time to run down to the chemistry lab and steam the envelope open and see the results so that he would know before anyone. Although he had promised. He had seen Finn deposite his own letter into the front pocket of his backpack this morning and Kurt was sure he would not dare to open it by himself. Dad had thought they should open their letters at home but Finn had insisted that a promise should be kept and letters opened in the choir room.

Kurt loved the choir room. It was his home in McKinley and nothing would ever change that. It would be painful that the choir room would slowly just change into a distant memory and to blurry cell phone group photos that would disappear as phones went missing and broke down. He dug out his phone and seached out his gallery and scrolled through some of them: Mercedes fixing her hair, Finn sleeping upright in one of the small chairs, Sam and Puck sword fighting with map rolls and Blaine picking a loose thread from his cardigans button. That button was placed unattached in Kurt's bedside table. Light ivory coloured plastic button with hexagons in the middle, why did he remember that button so well?

One of the recent ones was shaky picture of Burt and Carol on their way to a movie night. Kurt could still remember the stern look he had given the four teenagers left alone at the house for more than five hours without supervision, dad was always worried about so many things. And Kurt felt awkward if he would have to calm his father down about “those” matters. Burt had started to bring papers and again papers back to home which all were obviously bothering him during the week at DC, but thankfully Carol was able to hold his husband down from going into that newly built home office and dwell too long on those countless of issues that were bothering him. Kurt was aware that dads assistant also sent papers to Tire & Lube and that Carol was not aware of this. Sometimes dad would pretend to go to the garage to check up on things but really he was reading the material brought from the congress. No, Kurt would not want to make his dad think about HIS sexlife on top of that. Sex that was still a bit scary and spearce apart.

Kurt smiled at his parents and pocketed his phone. Actually it was quite a beautiful day which had to mean good, it just had to. Kurt straightened his tie and lifted his head. From afar it would look like a dog was sniffing the air. His vest was hugging tightly at his chest; had he gained weight or was the last dry-cleaning shrunken it? Before seeing, he could hear Rachel. Her tight chirpy voice echoed through the empty yard. She was walking tightly by Finns side, holding the big lugs waist iron grip. It looked like Rachel was dragging Finn along despite size difference indicating otherwise. Finn was instinctively holding on to his bag like he was afraid someone would steal it and take the acceptance letter with them.

“...and that is why we have to move to Chelsea. You see it is the only option.”
She was pulling Finns t-shirt front and swigging her hand from one side to the other.
“Kurt! Sorry we are late. I had to yet again convince dad that I’ll call the second I’ve opened the letter. He thinks I will forget and he’ll have to give dad sedative.”
“Oh, it’s OK. It’s nice and quiet out here.” He responded.
Finn gave a slight smirk and sat next to Kurt. He leaned against the wall and looked at Kurt:
“Are you ready, because I think I’m not.”
“Why would you not be ready. We have everything planned and our plan is solid. There is not an option that our plan would fail.” Rachel’s voice rose slightly and she was swinging her hands around. She had a tiny clutch placed under her arm which undoubtedly was holding her own white envelope.

Finn looked at Rachel and then to Kurt as if looking for verification. Kurt smiled and closed his eyes. He pictured both of them packing their stuff into boxes and dad carrying stuff to a U-Haul. Finn would have three boxes and couple of garbage bag full of miscellaneous clothes. Kurt would have spend time wrapping his valuables into bubble wrap and folding his clothes into four suitcases that would get their first outing since they were purchased. Carol would stay away most of the time because seeing all this would just make her cry again. Kurt had overheard her being angry few times this spring since she was, according to her, going to be left behind. Her sons would go to college, Burt would fly to DC during the week and she could only so much take Hirams and Leroy's Broadway musical nights and red wine enthusiasm. Then the stuff would be packed and they would have to say goodbye, the real goodbye.

Kurt took a deep breath and opened his eye. Rachel had turned her head inquisitively at both boys. She was tapping her ballerina shoes against the concrete and twirled her hair. She was nervous and could not find any words to say. Kurt could see from miles away that her nails were in terrible condition, jagged edges and peeled out nail polish. She would never admit it, but Rachel Berry was more nervous that she had ever been in her entire life. Kurt knew, because he was just as nervous. He felt nervous and stupid. He had placed his eggs in the same basket, overconfidence and stubborn attitude were a dangerous combination. All or nothing, all or nothing...was running through his head, all or nothing. “All or nothing.”
“What?” Finn was staring at him.
“What?” Kurt was looking intently back
“You were mumbling something...all of what?”
“Oh, nothing really, just thinking out loud I suppose.”
Finn seemed to settle for that answer. Kurt was not relaxed at all. His shoulders tensed the way they hadn’t in months. The kind of painful clenching of muscles that would eventually lead to jammed pain all over the body and ache if you tried to sleep. No, they had to do this eventually.

Kurt rose slowly and cleaned the dust off his pants.
“Shall we?”
He extended his arms towards Rachel and Finn.
Finn nodded and grabbed Kurt’s elbow. Rachel was smiling and nuzzled to Kurt’s other side. Like three happy bunnies they bounced up the school steps and headed towards the choir room.


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Post  Jellyrolls on 7/15/2012, 7:53 pm

Great start. Can't wait to see more Smile


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Post  valkeakuulas on 7/16/2012, 1:38 pm

This one was hard to write, but these appalling spoilers were funny enough helping:

Summer of My Discontent
Part 2

I didn’t get in...I didn’t get in...the words kept rolling inside his head. Finn was right there and Rachel was awkwardly frowning in front of them. She had gotten in, she was going to be a NYADA student next fall. She would get to rehearse and perform with the best. She would get to sing Popular on a real stage. He kept scrunching the letter in his hands, it started to look like a old candy wrapper. Should the letter be saved? Had he for some reason read it wrong? Kurt could feel Finns hand clench on his shoulder before he headed over to Rachel and hugged and congratulated her with a bear hug. Kurt smiled meekly as he sat down to the stool and just looked ahead to the doorway into the halls. He could feel his heart beating right up under his collar bone. He would have to run soon or he would start to feel sick.

His eyes stayed dry even as Rachel came to him and grabbed him into a long and excruciating hug. Finn was hovering around as if he wanted to say something.
“What is it Finn?” Kurt asked with a little too much spite in his voice.
“I...I was are you getting home. I could drive you when I take Rachel home...”
“I have a car!” Kurt snapped.
Finn shook his head and took a step back.
“Fine, if you are sure.”
Rachel stepped in front of Kurt and leaned in.
“We'll figure something out, I promise.” She placed a small kiss to his cheek and turned to Finn. “He just wants to be alone. You can call him when we get home.”
Finn was hesitant and twirled few times before starting to follow Rachel. At the door he turned around:
“Do you want me to call Blaine or Burt? I mean I can totally do that if you can’t.”
Kurt lifted his head and shook it. Finn nodded and then he was gone.

Kurt looked at his feet lying numbly against the linoleum floor. Choir room echoed of silence but he could still hear all those rehearsal residues stuck in that room forever. New Directions were champions, but he wasn’t. He would have to go home, he would have to tell everyone that he, Kurt Hummel, was not going to go to New York after all. He would run into people that he didn’t want to run in because they would ask, everyone would ask.

With sudden burst of anger he ripped the letter apart and threw the pieces around the choir room. He marched out of the room without looking back. He wanted to get out of here, out of McKinley and these people who were not any better than him. He rubbed his temples and felt his phone vibrating. Dad calling...Kurt hung up on his dad for the very first time in his life. He just couldn’t right now. He effectively pushed Jacob out of his way when he walked out of the front entrance without even listening to what the tweeb had to say again. He would have a field day listing all the failed seniors at his blog and Kurt was going to be one of them.

Kurt practically speed walked over to his car and slammed the door shut. As he struggled to get his key out of his pocket and start the car, the sounds of I Got Rhythm filled the speakers with extreme volume. He hit the off button hard and the car fell into silence. He’d been singing An American in Paris songs for few days and now the idea shuddered through his spine. He yanked the iPod connection from the radio and tossed it with his phone to the front seat. Phone was buzzing again...Blaine calling. For the second time he hung up on someone he hadn’t ever hung up before. he was not ready to talk to anyone yet. He knew only one place he wanted to be right now, somewhere where no one would ask questions. Kurt drove slowly through the traffic and turned into a silent street in the empty parts of eastern Lima. He pulled into the parking lot and leaped out of his car. Sunny day was turning fast into a cloudy and murky, winds had started to gather. He grabbed Blaine's windbreaker from the backseat and walked down the sloping hill. Traffic noises quieted down the further he got from the road. Few squirrels ran across the pathway to the same direction as he was heading. Kurt scoffed hard, this could almost be from a Disney movie, if things wouldn’t be so fucked up.

Suddenly he came to a halt and turned to a small pathway. His stomach made a small turn; it had been at least a year since he had been here. Last time he had been by his mother's grave was when dad had demanded for him to tell the whole story of what had happened between him and Karofsky. He could still remember the anguish at his father's eyes when he had announced that Kurt would transfer, because that is what his mother would have done. That day Kurt had come right here to ask the same question from a headstone as he was going to ask today: What am I going to do now?

He pulled the windbreaker tightly around him and sat quicky cross legged facing the light gray headstone. Someone would call this set up morbid but who was here to say it. The two squirrels arguing about the last pine cone were his only witnesses. He picked the grass in front of him and sighed. “Please tell me what I do now?” Of course there were no answer besides his own head making erratic noises: “You are at a graveyard stupid! Who’s going to answer your questions here besides that homeless man sleeping in the gardening shed?” Sudden wind against his face made him realise that he was slowly shedding tears. “That’s stupid! You’re supposed to be a grown man and not be sitting at your mother's grave crying! Stop it now!” He hugged himself tightly and slowly stood up. It was already getting dark and dad and everyone would soon get worried because they had to all know by now. He was wiping his face with his sleeve. Skin was already starting to dry after tears left streaks all over his cheeks. He placed his hand against the cold stone and wished this quiet place goodbye and headed back towards his car. Dad had called four times and Blaine three with four inquisitive and demanding messages. Finn had just sent a message saying “U OK?”

By the time he turned to his street it was dark and he could see the driveway was lit up and filled with cars. Blaine’s car was driven half way up the driveway and Finns truck was blocking the other side and Kurt had to park along the street. He grabbed his stuff from the passenger side and felt the phone vibrating again. Feeling a funny sort of annoyance and same time pleased inside: at least they were worried, he had that if everything ever went wrong. He wouldn’t end up one of those lonely mad men with his cats eating him in the end.

He didn’t even have to step inside before he could hear his dad’s booming voice coming from the kitchen: “Why did you two leave him by himself, that is not how friends treat each other...and while we’re on the subj...” Kurt speeded up his steps and walked right in the middle of the kitchen cutting his dad’s sentence:
“I wanted to be left alone and Rachel knew that, so don’t blame Finn.”
Everyone around the table turned around to face Kurt whose cheeks were still bright red from the combination of crying and the wind. Blaine clambered up from his chair with it’s legs making scraping sounds against the silence in the kitchen.
“Kurt, we were all so worried!” Blaine walked right up to him and hugged him tightly.
“I know, I know. I’m sorry dad I should have let you know I’m fine.”
Silence continued to engulf everyone. Kurt let out a small guffaw:
“So I guess I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t get in.”
“No you don’t. We guessed even though Finn refused to tell us.” Blaine was rubbing Kurt's back.
Dad was leaning to the table and lifted himself up. Slowly he walked to face his son. Blaine withdrew himself and for some reason Kurt felt upset. His throat was clenching and he whispered:
“I didn’t get in.” As his dad engulfed him into a hug he let a broken sob disappear into the front of his shirt.

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Post  valkeakuulas on 7/26/2012, 3:41 pm

Oh dear, went a bit melodramatic. Blaine is just such a blank canvas that it's hard to write him since you have to come up with everything (which is supposed to be a fanfiction dream).
Summer of My Discontent
Part 3

Kurt laid on the couch and stared at the paneling on the ceiling. He heard the house slowly waking up to another regular day. Finn was stomping around his room directly above him, undoubtedly looking for his coveralls which Kurt well knew were at the downstairs laundry room where both of them had left them after previous weekend. Carol was humming in the kitchen to a piece Kurt did not recognise. She was setting down breakfast and would soon holler everyone down. No one had yet noticed that Kurt had fallen asleep in the living room. After last night he could have fallen asleep on top of hay bales. His head had been hammering and he had scrunched his face enough to create a whole new lineage of lines to his face where there previously had been none. He thought about his night time routine and scratched his nose with vigour. First time in a long while missing his routine didn’t matter, he didn’t have to be presentable and fresh for a long time or for anyone.

He scoffed and sat up. Squashed bangs flopped heavily on his face, running his hand through the hair and the product remaining in made it oddly stick against his scalp and yet poke out in weird angles. Kurt did not need a mirror to tell he looked awful, but dragged himself up from the couch and headed towards Carol’s voice. He stopped by the door frame and looked the woman doodling around the kitchen. She was doing exactly the same what she had been doing the previous night after Kurt returned home.

Kurt had been held long and tight in Burt’s hug. Carol had been the first to break the silence, she had padded Kurt on the back and said she’d make tea for everyone.
“Hey buddy, letting go now, are you ready?” dad had asked and released Kurt like he had been a koala stuck around his waist. Kurt had crudely wiped his nose to his sleeve and sat down next to Finn by the table. Blaine was standing next to him with his arms tightly crossed around his body. Slowly he had walked to the opposite side of the table and sat down directly in front of Kurt. Kurt had nodded to Blaine as if silently letting him know it was OK, somehow he had started to feel that Blaine needed reaffirmation more than ever. But right now he was not ready to face his boyfriend for longer so he had instead stared at his hands that were tightly wound together in his lap.

Kurt had listened everyone talking but could not really pay attention to what was actually said. Finn had even laughed at something Blaine said and his dad was munching on his third chocolate chip cookie. Kurt should have said something or stopped him from reaching for the fourth one. Tea had gotten cold as Kurt continued to clench and unclench his hands.
“Do you want me to top that with some warmer tea honey?” Carol’s voice had finally reached Kurt’s consciousness. He had shook his head as the rhythm of voices came slowly back.
“No I’m fine thanks.”
Suddenly he noticed there had only been Carol, Blaine and him left in the kitchen. Carol had nodded and pulled the mug away from Kurt.
“I’ll just pour this away, it’s cold anyway.” Soon he had been alone with Blaine.

“So, I’m a little lost about what I should be saying...I mean I know what I want to say but I’m not sure if it’s what you want...need to hear.” Blaine was reaching for his hand.
“I don’t know if you want me to comfort or inspire...Kurt say something please!”
Blaine’s last tight panic scream had been lingering in the air. Kurt had started to feel ill while everyone apparently had been feeling just fine. He was getting angry and had been on the brink of simmering over. He had just needed that final push and he had known that it was going to be the wrong time, wrong place and wrong person that was going to be run over.
“What do you think you SHOULD say, lets go with that one.” He had been setting up a trap which he knew Blaine would walk straight in.

“Well since we have a year of time you should not worry. We’ll train twice as hard, practise and then we’ll both succeed.” Blaine had been smiling.
“We can be perfect together!” He was leaning towards Kurt across the table.
“Why do you think I’d have any chance against you! Why did I think I had any chance against Rachel for that matter!”
Blaine had pulled back.
“You and Rachel can always just waltz in where ever you can...I can’t”
“Why not? You’re...”
“I couldn’t even get a singing part at West Side for a stupid school musical. And my best ever audition wasn't good enough! Since when was I good enough to perform at anything? When?”
“We’re national champions and we...”
“We, we, we, we ,we...what about me?”

Blaine had been breathing hard and desperation was screaming out from his every pour.
“What about you? You’re great, talented and unique and perfect and I love you for that.”
“That’s not enough. That’s not enough. Just because YOU love me isn’t enough. What is that going to give me?” Kurt had felt awful the second the question had gotten out, but he’d been too tired and angry to care.
“You can’t give me what I want. You can’t...oh I’ll cheer you when you succeed...”
“You are now acting silly, it’s only a year and you can apply again! Plenty people take leap years, just think of this as a leap year.”
“Leap year in LIMA, in LIMA? Are you serious? Everyone HATES ME here!”
Kurt had leaped up from his chair.
“I swore I would get out of this cow town and now you’re saying I have to spend my leap year here with you. I don’t want to just hold your hand when you get the next lead or a solo. I don’t want to serve coffee for that asshole Sebastian and I certainly do not want to stay here with you now! His voice had turned jagged and shaky. Blaine was turning red and he had kept gripping the table with white knuckles.
“So essentially you don’t want me anymore. I knew it all along, New York was just an excuse.”
“You never thought I’d make it into NYADA! You never wanted me to go, you said so!”
“When did I say that? I helped you rehearse. I wanted you to get into NYADA.”
“Yes so you wouldn’t have to be embarrassed about me.”
“What! I’ve never been embarrassed about you. I love you.”
“You love everyone!” Kurt had spat out the words with so much vehemence that Blaine had actually just stopped with his mouth open. Few second later he had leaped pushed his chair letting it tumble to the floor with a loud thud.
“What does that mean?”

“Hey, is everything alright in here!” Burt had appeared to the kitchen door.
“Nothing, we’re done!” Blaine had marched past Burt and once Kurt had heard the front door close he had slid down to the kitchen floor and hugged his knees tightly against his chest.
“Go away!” he had screamed to his knees.

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Post  valkeakuulas on 8/6/2012, 4:33 pm

I just love the Hudmels too much.
Summer of My Discontent
Part 4

Carole woke up with the sun rising slowly from behind the trees. It was not yet time to get up but she had always loved waking up before anyone else so she got up and wrapped herself into dressing gown. Before getting up she looked at slightly snoring Burt lying next to her and she smiled, for a long time she was happy again. She knew it was superficial but people at work had started to treat her very differently after they learned that she was the wife of a congressman. She had been able to cut back her hours and sometimes even join Burt in DC and her mother had finally made truce with her. Even she had been startled that a mechanic her daughter had married was now a highly paid government official flying to to the capitol every week.

After brushing her teeth and dressing up she headed downstairs. She could hear Finn snuffld in his bedroom because he still insisted on sleeping with the door open. She stopped by the door and pushed it slightly more ajar. Finn was sleeping like a huge starfish in the middle of the bed with the duvet kicked to the floor. She would have to say something to him about the state of this room. He would have to learn to keep things in order if he actually intended to go ahead with his plan of going to the army. Carole shuddered at the idea. She would never like it but then it was not her choice to make or permit to give. He was 18 and old enough to recruit without her having any saying to it. She laughed a bit at the idea, boys and girls were not old enough to drink but they could be sent to training camps and to wars when it was suitable for the nation. She would have to talk to Burt about this, but she was already certain the thought had crossed his mind as well. Burt had been highly reluctant to let either of the boys to go to New York let alone to the Middle East carrying an assault rifle.

She was on her way to kitchen when she noticed the slouched lump at the living room sofa. Semi-covered under a small white blanket laid Kurt with a flushed face. His hair was damp and splayed over the cushion. Carole was taken back by the dishevelled boy asleep on the family couch. Kurt had obviously fallen asleep with all his clothes on which was unheard of. Kurt has curled into a small ball and only his toes were peaking over the ledge of the sofa. Carole picked up the boots he had kicked off from his feet and laid them nicely at the doorway to the hall.

She and Burt had given Kurt and Blaine some time alone in the kitchen yesterday but the shouting and a falling chair had lead Burt to go into kitchen with a worried frown on his face. Before she and Finn had had time to follow Blaine had ran past them with dark eyes soon followed by Burt.
“He wants to be alone and frankly I don’t know what to say either. So...lets just leave him for now. He’s home now, he’ll come to me if he wants to talk.” Burt had stepped back and forth in front of Carole but soon headed up the stairs. Finn had soon went to bed shrugging his head.

That night Carole and Burt had talked well into the midnight.
“I am worried of both of them. I worry because that is my job.” Burt had started with a stern voice.
“Ever since I saw that passion in Kurt’s eye about this school I knew the possible disappointment would be just as devastating. If only he would not be so passionate about this...this dream of his. Passion is such a difficult thing to control.”
“Dreaming is what all teenagers do.”
“I know but he’s just had so much disappointments in his life. He’ll make it I know but I want him to be happy.”
Carole had watched his husbands anxiousness raise and she rubbed his shoulders with a tight grip.
“I know, I know.”
“It’s as if both boys have to make big decision too early and I hate that they are in that situation and I can’t do anything to change that.”
“You are a father and you are a worrier. But you have been an amazing father to Kurt and now to Finn so you should not be so hard on yourself. I know we both have to do some sort of letting go soon and the closer it gets more terrified I become.” Carole huffed.
Burt laid down to the bed and was about to grab pile of papers but Carole took a hold of them before he could place his reading glasses on his nose.
“No. Leave them for now. You are replacing stress with more stress.” She heard Burt slightly grumble at that but instantly giving up.
“I’m so thankful I have you and Kurt to take care of me...”
“It’s not his job...yet. Maybe when we are eighty and neither of us can remember how to boil an egg or how to get home. Maybe then it will be his responsibility.”
Burt thought it for awhile:
“Nah, he’ll hire some annoying lady who will stop us from having any fun or eating cookies, while he jet-sets around the world.” Carole laughed wholeheartedly with his husband.
“So where will Finn be then if not helping us when we become decrepit?”
“Finn? Finn...will be fighting with his granddaughter whether that new edition Barbie is really a necessity or a need, and judging him, he’ll be losing those kinds of battles all the time in the near future.”
“Grandchildren... Do you think we’ll ever have them?” Carole had suddenly become teary eyed. Burt dragged the woman to his side.
“I am counting on it. If not from Kurt then from Finn. We’ll get a bunch of annoying kids running around this house again one day. Don’t you worry.” She had wiped her nose as Burt was turning the bedside lamps off. She must have been really tired because she had fallen asleep instantly.

Carole tried not to be a worried mother but it was going to be really hard with both of the boys in the household falling apart and trying to find new direction and Burt possibly also fussing about the both of them. Her walking around the living room was startling Kurt awake. Carole stopped and sat down to the coffee table in front of the waking boy. First Kurt threw his arms from under the blanket and Carole could see it had been hot under it. Kurt’s face had a slight sweat and his cheeks were swollen and red. He slowly opened his eyes and started to rub his them. He soon spotted smiling Carole sitting next to him:
“Morning honey!” she said quietly.
Kurt gave a quizzical smile back as if trying to figure out where he was and why was his step-mom sitting next to him.
“ it still...”
“It’s morning, well very early in the morning and it seems you have dozed off in the couch here. Can you get up? Sleeping in this couch will not do any good for your back.”
Kurt winced when he sat up and was now facing Carole directly. His hair was sticking out at odd angles and his unbuttoned waist coat hung oddly from his slouched shoulders. His dress shirt was soaking wet from sweat. Kurt seemed to notice that at the same time as Carole. He quickly grabbed his waist coat and wrapped it tightly around his body.
“I can’t believe I fell asleep in my clothes. This wool is impossible to get pressed properly.” He seemed more annoyed of the fact that Carole was witnessing him in his disheveled state than actually about the clothes. And Carole did admit it to herself that Kurt had never been this worn out or not put together in front of her before. She could see this was embarrassing him greatly.

“Hey, why don’t you go and get a shower and join me for breakfast before the others wake up. Or do you want to continue sleeping, at least change into pair pajamas first.”
“No, no I don’t want to sleep.” He did a small getting up dance before Carole realised she had to move first. While she was getting up she steadied herself on Kurt and they both instinctively grabbed each others hands. When they were both standing she kept his hands in a tight grip. Kurt seemed to be doing the same and for a long while they stood facing each other holding hands as if they were going to start playing yard games. Kurt looked directly down to Carole’s eyes and nodded:
“I’ll change. It would be good to spend time with someone.”
Carole leaned in hugged him gently and padded his back as Kurt headed for his room.

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Post  brisallie on 8/6/2012, 8:15 pm

Still dreaming that one of the deleted scenes show us when Finn and Kurt got home and told their parents what happened. So thanks to write this :D

Regarding Blaine, I've read fics where he's the dapper boy they try to sell us but in others he shows a more aggresive side humhum Who's the real one? lol


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Post  valkeakuulas on 8/18/2012, 6:55 pm

brisallie wrote:Still dreaming that one of the deleted scenes show us when Finn and Kurt got home and told their parents what happened. So thanks to write this :D

Regarding Blaine, I've read fics where he's the dapper boy they try to sell us but in others he shows a more aggresive side humhum Who's the real one? lol

I know, Glee gets the worse editing choises, I mean Rachel could have been included in that possible scene at the Hudson-Hummel household. And that would have been part of Rachel's big season ending as well. Oh, humdrum. Blaine is just like plasticine, you can do whatever people want in their heads. Laughing

I can't move on from the Hudmels and I can't seem to let go of unhappy and insecure Kurt for now.
Summer of My Discontent
Part 5

Kurt stumbled inside the bathroom and stub his toe on the corner of the cabinet. He hissed with a wince and saw his grimaced face from the mirror. If the pain in his toe hadn’t been so great the face looking from the mirror might have given him the same feeling. His hair was borderline crazy person's hair and he felt his skin was raising tiny little red blotches everywhere. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose was blocked. Kurt lifted his hand to his eyebrows and soothed them down while rubbing his temples. His head felt heavy as if it wanted to rest on something, shoulder or a pillow. Sleep sounded great right now but he had promised Carole. Maybe she would understand, but did he really want to sleep?

He remember a broken dream from last night where he was still standing alone in that damp Scandals parking lot crying his eyes out while faceless and nameless men standing around him were laughing and calling him a weakling and a failure. He refused to give dreams any great significance but still experiencing dreams like that was not fun. Waking up sweaty and panicky was not fun either. He never had that many nightmares, stress just made him unable to fall asleep and led him to doze off in this semi-haze that was neither sleeping or being awake.

After locking the passage door leading to to Finn’s room he peeled the still sweaty shirt and vest off from him and hung them neatly into a wooden hanger to dry. After removing his pants and socks he made an effort not to glance the image in the mirror before he climbed into the shower. Kurt liked taking long baths but didn’t feel relaxed enough to take one right now. He just quickly began washing himself off without paying much attention to conditioners and body scrubs and after what felt just like a minute slammed the faucets shut and the water flow dribbled down. The bathroom was steaming, he hadn’t realised the water had been that hot. Dad would be pleased if he knew that Kurt had managed to take a shower just under five minutes and not even making a dip to the hot water level.

Slowly he wiped himself dry and stopped to look at his clearing image in the mirror. He smiled a bit as he remembered that Blaine was the only one that had seen him naked since his childhood and getting there had been a long journey. Mirror reflected wide shoulders and chest with protruding collar bones, narrowing down to a slim waist which Blaine likes to hold. Waist widened into slightly bigger hips which he hated, even Cheerios practise hadn’t worked on those and every sleepover chip, goober and fry seemed to wander back into those hips. He frowned and averted his glance, he was acting stupid; just like a teenage girl with an eating disorder analysing something that wasn’t there. He was fine. He was good. Blaine liked this, he liked this.

He wrapped his hands around his shoulders and tilted his head: What did Blaine see when he was looking at his boyfriend, looking at Kurt. Santana had caught Blaine eyeing him during the Christmas Special rehearsals and she had yelled loudly across the choir room:
“Never just imagine things that you can grab for reals monkey boy!”
Blaine didn’t blush often but at that time his cheeks had turned fire engine red. He knew it wasn’t the first and only time Blaine had been eying him but out of embarrassment or because, Kurt snickered, chastity he hadn’t let Blaine know that he was appreciating the quick glances.

Kurt shook his head and turned to look at his back and...he felt even now slightly look at his butt. He spent hours and hours working out on that butt so he should be proud of it. His neck was getting bright red and he squeezed his eye shut. Why was he trapped in this steamy bathroom looking at his own butt? Why was he suddenly stopping to question everything? Just because he hadn’t gotten into NYADA?

A loud banging from Finn’s side made him grab his bathrobe and tightly wound it around him.
“Come on man, you’ve been there for ages. I refuse to use the downstairs toilet because there is one right here!”
Kurt smiled at Finn’s annoyed tone, at least he’d have one doofus more to spend time with and tease during the following year.
“For your information I have not been here ‘for ages’, I just got here.” Kurt grumbled with a smile on his face.
“I don’t care I’m bursting.” Finn ran past him to the toilet not caring that Kurt was still inside. They were miles away from where they had been a year ago. Kurt was brushing his teeth when Finn joined him at the sink to wash his hands:
“So everything's cool with you? I mean all calmed down and shit?”
“Yeah, all cooled down and shit, dude.” he mumbled through the foam.
As Finn was grabbing his toothbrush he suddenly stopped his movement and watched Kurt through the mirror:
“Did you just call me dude? Man I hate that!” He smirked and squeezed a dollop of toothpaste to his brush.
“I feel like we’re the old guys that did all those movies together, you know, the tall one and the grey one...”
“Matthau and Lemmon?”
“They are the ones in the film where the other one is the divorcee and the other one is the clean and neat one right?”
“Yeah, The Odd Couple.”
“I love that film, it’s so funny.”
“It’s good.” Kurt spat out the rest of the foam: “Wait, who taught you the word divorcee?”
“You and Blaine did when we watched that black and white Story of Philly or something.”
“The Philadelphia Story....”
“Yeah, that’s what I said.”

“Why are you up so early?” Kurt tilted his head. Finn took awhile to think about it and waved his toothbrush around.
“I don’t know man. I guess I have a lot in my mind as well...”
“I’m so sorry that I haven’t...”
“No need, I know. Besides it’s not like I had spent the entire year...” Finn suddenly frowned and Kurt could see his adam's apple bob up and down.
“We can’t go on like this. I didn’t get in and we can all say it out loud. I just have to...I have to... Well I don’t know right now but I’ll figure something, we’ll figure something out.” Kurt took a grip from Finn’s arm and squeezed. Finn seemed to relax and planted his toothbrush back to its holder.
“Is mom doing breakfast?”
“Yeah I think she is.”

Mention of food made Finn move faster than imaginable. Kurt was left alone in the bathroom. He pulled on his pajama pants and a large t-shirt that proudly stated Dalton Athletics, not that Kurt had done any athletics in Dalton which hadn’t been considered weird in the slightest. Only in McKinley the lack of interest towards sports was considered weird and unacceptable.

As he was walking towards the kitchen he could hear Carole’s concerned voice lecturing Finn:
“Why can’t you just wait for a year and then apply again to somewhere and after that consider army. You do not have to make any decisions right now, at this very morning or this very month. I’m sure Burt would be more than happy to give you extra shifts to do at the garage.” Her voice sounded exhausted like she had been going this argument over and over in her head for quite some time. Kurt edged to the doorframe but didn’t walk in. Finn was chewing through a huge bowl of cereals.
“I know you don’t like the idea but the sooner I do it the less chance I have to back out of it. Besides there’s one other thing I have to do with Rachel before I can even think of leaving.”
“Yes Rachel, have you considered that she might have something to say about this?”
“She won’t, not soon. Besides New York is just as far as Lima from where I’m heading.”
“Nevertheless it’s not just about you....”
“No it’s also about dad and his legacy.”
“Legacy? You are not defined by your fathers history.”
“I want to be. I want to leave Lima, we all do. And I have a choice, I’m going to the recruiting office as soon as I can. They’re probably not open at weekends but Monday I will do it mom.”

“What?” Kurt’s raised voice echoed in the kitchen. “You can’t just leave.”
Finn raised his head from the table because of the distress in Kurt’s voice:
“You can’t just go to the army. You realise they send people to wars? What about Rachel, she needs to have a say.” Kurt had become more agitated that he anticipated. He was back hugging his own frame.
“When were you going to tell Rachel? When were you going to tell me?”
Finn had a surprised look on his face.
“I told you like months ago dude.”
Kurt shook his head.
“I know you did, I just thought...I didn’t think you were...serious. I thought we would...” His face betrayed him instantly; he didn’t want Finn to leave because he didn’t want to be the only one left in Lima. Even Finn could pick that up from his tone but returned to his bowl of cereals.
“Well tough luck for everyone because I’m going.” He slammed his spoon against the bowl and continued:
“And in case you all feel like I’m doing something wrong then you’re the ones that are wrong. There is nothing insane or dangerous to give three years of your life to the army and I wasn’t planning on dying just yet. Rachel will be told, in fact I’m going to tell her because I will not force her to marry me because I don’t want her to worry and screw up her studies for me while in New York. And I don’t want you Kurt to go and rat all this out to her before I have time to talk to her. I’m just saying this now because there will be no wedding next weekend mom.”
Carole looked shocked and held her coffee mug with white knuckles. She was staring at her son with apparently having lost the ability to respond after such decisive rant.
Kurt hesitantly sat opposite Finn and closed his eyes:
“I can’t say that I’m liking this at all. Not at all.”

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